Mission & Values

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Photo by Gerry Kingsley


To be the location and partner of choice for deep underground science, delivering world-class science and benefit to Canada, and her international partners, by providing and promoting national and international access to the unique facilities and expertise at SNOLAB.




The current mission of SNOLAB, in line with its vision, is to:




world-class science to be performed at SNOLAB by national and international experimental collaborations, providing scientific underpin, technical skills and knowledge, generating and developing international connections, and through development of a strong reputation; SNOLAB will also provide risk mitigation, reacting quickly to challenges/crises to enable the efficient execution of the scientific programme




world-class science at SNOLAB through its own research group as part of the international and national community, developing synergies with other groups worldwide;




world-class science at SNOLAB by providing a sought after collaborator in its own right and through providing transformational opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange to other groups through workshops, external connections and local interactions;




world-class science and societal benefits through a strong public and professional outreach programme, and through technical knowledge development and transfer;




the next generation of innovators through strong educational outreach, knowledge transfer and the training of highly qualified personnel;





We commit to five core values as an organisation, in achieving the mission objectives of SNOLAB:



SNOLAB has an overarching emphasis on the safety of its programme. This is the foundation upon which we realise our mission. We are committed, both individually and as a team, to protecting the health and safety of our staff, users and visitors. We are aided in this process by the expertise and experience of our staff, safety teams, regulatory bodies and Vale, our hosts.


Achieving the highest standards in research, operations, and management is paramount. SNOLAB is committed to fostering a culture in which individuals make full use of their skills and knowledge, and provides opportunities to develop through continuous improvement. Our focus is on delivering world-class research, through supporting and enabling excellence in research and operations.


The greatest resource SNOLAB has available is the expertise of diverse, competent people within its staff and community. Our approach to teamwork is based on the belief that each member brings a unique experience and important expertise to the workplace, allowing project challenges to be resolved. Together, we will exemplify a respectful work environment that supports cooperation, and collaboration in all aspects of work. 


We strive to educate and inspire as a core component of our commitment to our public sponsors. To disseminate the enthusiasm of our staff and users, and the excitement of the research undertaken, SNOLAB will continue to engage fully in professional and public outreach. To maximise the benefit from investment in people, we will continue to engage in educational and highly qualified personnel development programmes.


SNOLAB is committed to upholding an environment of trust, responsibility and accountability to our stakeholders. Accountability to our internal governance structures, external research communities, funding agencies and public sponsors is our goal. Strong governance and effective management will guide our organizational development. SNOLAB will facilitate the full lifecycle of research projects from conception to completion and aims to create a supportive research environment that ensures effectiveness and positive outcomes.