Leadership and Organization

SNOLAB Leadership

SNOweb-7.jpgDr. Nigel Smith
Executive Director

SNOLAB's leadership team is headed by Nigel Smith, who holds overall accountability for the performance of the laboratory and fulfillment of the expectations set by the SNOLAB Institute Board of Directors. Smith sets the overall scientific strategy for SNOLAB, represents the laboratory to external communities, and is the chief spokesperson for the lab. Read Nigel's Bio here. 


RFord.jpgDr. Richard Ford
Director of Programme Development 

As the Director Programme Development, Richard Ford leads the division responsible for the development of the experiments and enhancing the facility capabilities. The division manages the lifecycle implementation of new experiment construction and facility upgrade projects, the engineering design office, and the science support facilities including chemistry labs, clean assembly facility, and a low level radioactivity measurement lab.

SNOLAB-1.jpgDr. Jeter Hall 
Director of Research  

The Director of Research is accountable for the successful execution of the laboratory's large suite of projects in tandem with the successful operation of its scientific program. The Director works across organizational boundaries to facilitate the successful completion of the lab's portfolio of projects and programs alongside the lab's operational commitments.


ABarr.jpgAllan Barr
Director of Operations

The Director of Operations is responsible for maintaining and coordinating the facility resources to ensure the deployment and integration of the SNOLAB scientific programme within SNOLAB operations. This includes the allocation of people and materials from the SNOLAB Integration & Operations Divisions.





SNOweb-14.jpgSamantha Kuula
Chief Business Officer 

The Chief Business Officer is responsible for successfully executing the strategic plan by ensuring each business unit in the Strategic Risk Management Group achieves or surpasses its goals and objectives. The CBO will ensure SNOLAB has proper operational systems and controls in place for measuring, monitoring and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of all internal processes. 


MHodak.jpgMark Hodak
Engineering Office Manager

The Engineering Office, led by the Engineering Office Manager, is responsible for providing professional engineering services for both SNOLAB internal infrastructure projects as well as experiments residing at SNOLAB. The Manager is accountable for consistent timely delivery of competent engineering support. This includes the design of solutions which meet a client’s technical specifications as well as performance objectives without compromising excellence in safety and regulatory compliance.


DarkMatter.pngLina Anselmo
Scientific Support Manager

The Science Support Group provide support to the SNOLAB community in diverse fields such as chemical analysis, detector development and operation, scientific coding, assay, and analysis.



SNOweb-10.jpgBrian Morissette  
Projects Office Manager

The Projects Office foremost responsibility is the delivery of Projects as part of the Science Programme; this is achieved by pairing members of the Projects Office with Experiments, who work closely guiding them through the Project Life Cycle and the many hoops that are encountered during the transportation and setup in a deep underground clean lab. Major facility development projects are also handled through the Projects Office which ensures our lab meets the needs of the Scientific community. 


SNOLAB_Web-10.jpgDavid Bailey
Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is responsible for the reliable performance of the SNOLAB infrastructure, both surface and underground, as well as any experiment systems assigned by the Director of Programme Delivery. The Operations Manager is a technical lead in all aspects of the systems under their purview and implement processes to ensure continued operation. 



Mehwish.jpgMehwish Obaid
Integration Manager

The Integration Manager is responsible for receiving goods at the SNOLAB surface site, arranging shipping of goods underground to the 6800 foot level SNOLAB, cleaning of materials to required cleanliness and also providing trade services (millwrights, machinists and electricians) for the installation of materials into the underground SNOLAB infrastructure systems or into experiment builds by arrangement. The integration group is also responsible for regular cleaning and maintenance of the underground laboratory and inspection and maintenance of mobile equipment, lifting apparatus and personnel fall restraint apparati.




thumbnail_SNOLAB_Web-13_Sushil.jpgSushil Thakre
Senior Health and Safety Officer

The Health and Safety Officer is responsible for the leadership and management of SNOLAB's EH&S Division. Primary responsibilities of this role include management of SNOLAB's Occupational Health and Safety Management System and the development and maintenance of strategies that aim to prevent the occurrence of occupational injury and illness at SNOLAB


SNOLAB-4.jpgNancy Mackenzie
Senior Finance Officer

The Finance Officer manages and maintains the financial and accounting systems at SNOLAB. The Finance Officer is also responsible for all budgeting and financial reporting functions and is the secretary of the SNOLAB Audit and Finance Committee. 


Blaire_SNOLAB.jpeg Blaire Flynn
Senior Education and Outreach Officer

The Communications Office at SNOLAB develops, implements and manages all internal and external communications, risk management and all education and outreach for SNOLAB. The Communications Officer works with all partners and stakeholders to maintain SNOLAB as a world-leading cutting edge underground science laboratory. 


SNOLAB-2.jpgBrent Donnelly 
Senior Human Resources Officer

The Human Resources Group is responsible for providing effective management and support to the organization of human resource functions.  This includes recruitment and staffing; training and development; payroll and benefit coordination; performance monitoring; union negotiations, employee relations and counseling.


DarkMatter.pngIan Winsor 
Senior Information Technology Officer

The purpose of SNOLAB IT services is to help create and spread knowledge. These policies are to help ensure the system is available to: 
Provide life-safety infrastructure (example: communication between fire panels and fire server); 
Provide network support for environmental control and monitoring of SNOLAB; 
Provide network and some computing facilities for experiments, operations, and 
Provide key IT infrastructure such as document repositories and web servers.