Mining Terminology

9 Shaft The active mine shaft for bringing material and personnel in and out of the Creighton mine.

Back The roof of a mining drift or excavation.

Cage The elevator car for the mine shaft. The Creighton 9 Shaft cage has two decks that can each carry a rail car or 44 people.

Carwash The rooms at the entrance to the underground laboratory used to wash materials and equipment so they are clean before entering the laboratory.

Drift A horizontal mine tunnel. In SNOLAB the drifts have flat floors, flat, vertical walls and an arched roof or back. The height at the highest point of the back is the height of the wall plus one third the width of the drift.

Dry A mining term for change rooms. They got the name because these rooms are usually kept at an elevated temperature to facilitate drying clothing between work shifts. SNOLAB has surface drys for personnel to change into mine gear and underground drys at the laboratory for personnel to change from mine gear into clean room clothing.

Headframe The tower like structure located over a mine shaft.

HEPA Filter High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (they are 99.97% efficient).

Refuge Station A room or pocket that can be sealed off from the rest of the mine as a refuge during an emergency in the mine. Refuge stations have water and compressed air supplied from surface. The SNOLAB Refuge Station is also the lab’s Personnel Drift (lunchroom, washrooms, change rooms).

Shoulder The highest point on the wall of a drift where it meets the arched back.

Shotcrete A spray on concrete used to secure the mine drifts.