SNOLAB Virtual Backgrounds

With so many people working from home and participating in remote meetings, we are sharing some virtual backgrounds with a little SNOLAB flavour. We wanted to give people the chance to work from SNOLAB for the day. Check out different locations throughout the underground lab, including a few experiments!

If you're not taking part in virtual meetings these days, you can also use the images below to update your wallpaper on your computer or device. Click on the thumbnail and high resolution image will open. Save the image to your computer or device. These images are sized for Zoom virtual backgrounds. 

Need help adding a virtual background to your next virtual meeting? Find step by step instructions here for adding your own virtual background to Zoom. If you are using Microsoft Teams, follow these steps to add your own custom backgrounds. 

  • Type the command below into your computer search function, changing "USERNAME" to your own username, if applicable.
  • Drag your desired photos into the Finder window that pops up.
  • Your custom photos will now be available during your next Teams meeting under "Background effects".

For Mac users:

  • /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Backgrounds/Uploads 

For PC users: 

  • %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads




Material storage drift at SNOLAB

This quiet area is perfect for your next meeting. An area of the lab where the shotcrete on the walls has not been troweled which provides great sound quality. 


Photo by Gerry Kingsley.


The DEAP-3600 experiment 

Travel right inside the shielding tank for DEAP-3600, a large-scale dark matter experiment at SNOLAB filled with liquid argon. It may be a bit chilly but well worth the ambiance. 


Photo by Gerry Kingsley.



The SNO+ experiment 

Wow your meeting attendees surrounded by over 9000 special light sensors called photomultiplier tubes. Just behind you is a 12 metre pure acrylic vessel. 


Photo by the SNO+ Collaboration.


The HALO experiment

How about a supernova detector for your next backdrop? HALO is part of a global network that detects the neutrinos from a supernova before the light becomes visible. 


Photo by Gerry Kingsley. 


An experimental hall at SNOLAB 

The lighting is great in this hallway and there are lots of outlets to plug your devices into. You will be surrounded by a number of small experiments but it shouldn’t be too noisy. 


Photo by Gerry Kingsley. 



The ladder labs

Looking for a minimalist background? This corner in the Ladder Labs really highlights the smooth curvature of the white walls and the contrasting blue ventilation piping. 


Photo by Gerry Kingsley.


The SuperCDMS and CUTE experiments 

It may be a bit noisy in this area but it’s nothing you can’t overcome with headphones and a mic. It is well worth the views of the SuperCDMS construction and the Cryogenic Underground Test Facility. 


Photo by Gerry Kingsley.



A hallway at SNOLAB

This is a thoroughfare to many places in the new section of SNOLAB. It will be the go-to location for those who love well organized cables and tidy infrastructure. 


Photo by Gerry Kingsley


The laboratory entrance

Whether you are arriving to or leaving the lab, you will want to stay alert for mobile equipment in the double track area. Heads up, it can get a bit noisy out here! 


Photo by Gerry Kingsley.