SNOLAB Surface Facilities

Site Surface Facilities

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exo_ring_lasers_med.jpgTo support the activities underground, SNOLAB has surface facilities housing laboratory, material handling, office, and meeting room spaces. These facilities are located a few hundred metres from 9 Shaft which is the main access for personnel and equipment into the mine. The main building is a three storey, 3100 m2 building containing clean room laboratories and material handling facilities to complement the underground laboratory. It provides office and meeting space, locker and shower facilities for personnel going underground, control rooms, electronics and machine shops, and environmentally controlled space for IT. The surface facility was completed in 2005. 

photo_surfac_chemlab_051113.jpgThe surface building includes 436 m2 of clean room laboratories and the necessary material handling facilities to transport pre-cleaned materials and apparatus for experiments underground. The laboratories provide space for prototyping, staging the assembly of experiments underground, and maintenance of running experiments. There is a warehouse and a cleaning facility adjacent to the laboratories for materials handling. A narrow gauge railway connects the surface facility to the 9 Shaft Headframe and is used to transport materials underground.


Laurentian Water Lab

photo_lufac_01.jpgIn addition to the facilities at the mine site, there is a small lab at Laurentian University for water assay work. The Laurentian Water Lab is equipped for sensitive water analysis, and to perform radioactive spike work that would be inappropriate for the low radioactivity environment maintained in the on-site labs.