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Travel underground with the SNOLAB staff and scientists in this video to experience a typical day of going to work in an underground laboratory!


Outreach Information

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Our goal at SNOLAB is to develop new educational material that fosters an appreciation of the field of astroparticle physics.  Our education team endeavours to facilitate an exchange of knowledge with the public and scientists from around the world to better understand our solar system. The desired outcome of our educational work is to have a network of healthy and resilient community partners with informed and active citizens better equipped to understand our goals here at SNOLAB now and in the future.

Canada has demonstrated that it can be a world leader in physics research. For Canada to increase its international impact and to remain competitive, innovative and productive, we need a workforce literate in science and technology. 

Public communication of SNOLAB research provides an important link between the scientific community and society, giving visibility to scientific success stories and supporting both formal and informal science education. 

Science Outreach at SNOLAB broadcasts our scientific expertise to a wider community through programs and activities such as talks, lab visits, family workshops, classroom presentations, and educational media. Science Outreach at SNOLAB:

  • connects the public to the fun and excitement of science at a leading research institution.
  • shares our research and lets us discuss scientific issues with you.
  • cultivates an interest and appreciation of science in potential SNOLAB students
  • shows how the research-intensive institution contributes to society.
  • makes science education accessible and interactive for students, teachers, and the community.
  • Information packets on SNOLAB are available on request.


Science North Exhibits

For a hands on introduction to the science being conducted at SNOLAB visit the SNOLAB display at the Science North science centre located in Sudbury Ontario. The fourth floor, "Space Place" has multiple SNOLAB based exhibits including an object theatre called "Between the Stars", a 3-D model of the underground laboratory and videos about the journey underground!


SNOLAB related Video and Audio

Check out the SNOLAB Youtube Channel!

SNOLAB and SNOLAB experiments have made their way into a number of videos.

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI) in Ontario, Canada, offers a free, high quality in-class resource for high school teachers and their students. The full video and guide, called "The Mystery of Dark Matter", features SNOLAB and can be viewed online at Perimeter Explorations.

SNOLAB was featured in the Oct 24, 2007 episode of the PBS program Wired Science. You can view the Wired Science Episode.



SNOLAB is located in an active mine, 6800 feet underground; as a result, public tours are not available. 

For further information on outreach please contact:

Blaire Flynn
Education and Outreach Coordinator 
705-692-7000 x 2806
or contact