Completed Experiments

SNO - SNO was the original Sudbury Neutrino Observatory located 6800 feet underground. The experiment was designed to detect solar neutrinos using heavy water and completed its data run in 2006. SNOLAB is an expansion of the existing facilities constructed for SNO.  

PICASSO - PICASSO was a dark matter experiment that used superheated liquid to detect interactions. PICASSO has completed its data run. 

DEAP 1 - DEAP 1 was a liquid-argon dark matter detector. It was used as a prototype and testbed for both DEAP-3600 and MiniCLEAN, and has completed its data run.

PUPS - PUPS was a unique field experiment in 3-D seismic monitoring at SNOLAB. The focus of this project was engineering seismology studies related to source and site effects.