NEWS-G detector arrives at SNOLAB

Originating from a symposium at Thessaloniki in 2012, NEWS (New Experiments With Spheres) network gathers physicists interested in developing gaseous spherical detectors (or SPC Spherical Proportional Counter) for multiple particle detection purposes.
The concept was originally put forward by I Giomataris (IRFU Saclay), and developed by the Saclay, Thessaloniki and Saragoza teams.
Specific features of this kind of detectors – low capacitance, low threshold, excellent energy resolution, single readout channel in its simplest version, low cost, robustness, flexibility in gas choice, in operating pressure – have led to envisage various applications ranging from Dark Matter detection, Coherent Nuclear Neutrino Scattering study, Double Beta decay search to gamma ray and neutron spectroscopy.
Check out the NEWS website here.