SNOLAB Research Team

SNOLAB_HighRes-14.jpgDr. Aleksandra Bialek

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Aleksandra works on the SNO+ project. In addition to testing the hold-down ropes for the acrylic vessel, she is overseeing the construction and testing for the scintillator and tellurium plants underground so the experiment can move into its next phases.

Erica Caden.jpgDr. Erica Caden

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Erica works on both the SNO+ and HALO projects. She is a detector operator for HALO and also runs SNEWS (supernova early warning system) shifts. For SNO+, she is the detector manager responsible for keeping things running day to day.


Bruce Cleveland.jpgDr. Bruce Cleveland 

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Bruce works on the SNO+, DEAP, and nEXO experiments. As part of the group that tests experiment materials for radioactivity, much of his time is spent preparing samples, checking ongoing testing, and analyzing test data.


Richard Ford.jpgDr. Richard Ford

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Pierre Gorel.jpgDr. Pierre Gorel

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Pierre is responsible for the data acquisition system for DEAP-3600 and is leading part of the data analysis. He is also part of the NEWS-G collaboration, which will be building a 1.4 m diameter Spherical Proportional Counter at SNOLAB to search for light-weight dark matter. 


Chris Jillings.jpgDr. Chris Jillings 

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Chris works on the DEAP-3600 experiment doing data analysis, particularly with respect to low-level calibration, energy response, and backgrounds. He works on SNO+ building and operating hardware components.


SNOLAB-16.jpgDr. Ian Lawson 

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SNOLAB_Web-4.jpgDr. Szymon Manecki

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Szymon works on the SNO+ experiment, focusing on the development of the tellurium stage. He is involved with the Te plant underground, and developing new ways to purify the tellurium so it can be added to the detector.


Silvia Scorza.jpgDr. Silvia Scorza

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Nigel Smith.jpgDr. Nigel Smith

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