Dr. Erica Caden

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Research Interests 

I study neutrinos, fundamental particles that are the smallest bit of almost nothing while still being something. Neutrinos have many interesting properties that make them different than the rest of the Standard Model. Physicists have been studying neutrinos for almost a century, yet they still remain a mystery!

I am a member of the SNO+ collaboration; we are studying neutrinos from the sun, from the earth, and from nuclear reactors, all with the same detector!  Our main goal is to study neutrinoless double beta decay, a theorized nuclear process that could help answer some of the questions we still have about neutrinos. 

I am also a member of the HALO experiment. We have a dedicated detector looking for a supernova within our galaxy. 

My Ph.D. work was on the Double Chooz experiment. My dissertation was on neutrino directionality in scintillator detectors.

Professional Engagements

  • LOC, TAUP-2017
  • Advisory Committee, TRISEP-2017
  • Secretary, WISE, Sudbury, 2014-2015
  • Dissertation Excellence Award, Drexel University, 2013
  • Member: AAAS, CAP, APS, Sigma Xi



Contact Details

Erica.Caden _at_ snolab.ca

(705) 692-7000 X 2253



1039 Regional Road 24

Creighton Mine #9

Lively ON, P3Y 1N2