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Research Interests 

So much to learn, so much to discover…

Probably my motto since the beginning of my scientific career. Starting as a freshly graduated engineer from Ecole National Superieur de Caen (ENSICAEN) and Master of Matter and Radiation from the University of Caen (2002), I did a short stint at GANIL (France), working on Electron Cyclotron Resonance monocharged ions sources for the SPIRAL2 project. My PhD was partially at PSI (Switzerland) and partially at the LPC Caen (France): Using the polarized cold neutrons beam line (FunSpin), I played a major role in the nTRV experiment, looking for Time Reversal Violation in the decay of the free neutrons. I defended in 2006 and continued the research for 2 years before joining the University of Alberta where I worked first on the SNO+ detector, and then on the construction of the dark matter detector DEAP-3600. 

Since the end of 2016, I am a Research Scientist at SNOLAB where DEAP-3600 is in operation. I recently joined the NEWS-G collaboration to build a novel detector looking for low mass WIMPs. Maybe I finally found my way?

Professional Engagements

  • TRISEP 2017: Advisory Committee
  • TAUP 2017: Local Organization Committee
  • MESON 2008: Technical assistance



Contact Details

Pierre.Gorel _at_ snolab.ca  

(705) 692-7000 



1039 Regional Road 24

Creighton Mine #9

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