Dr. Silvia Scorza

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Research Interests 

Silvia is a principal investigator on the SuperCDMS SNOLAB direct dark matter search experiment.
The revolution in precision cosmology in the last decade has conclusively revealed that about a quarter of our universe consists of unknown matter, known as dark matter. Despite the abundant evidence for the existence of dark matter, its constituents have eluded detection. Her interest in using novel, cross-discipline techniques to better understand the most puzzling questions in astrophysics and particle physics has led her to conduct research in the field of dark matter within the EDELWEISS and the CDMS/SuperCDMS experiments. Silvia is also member of the AARM collaboration which aims to develop integrative tools for underground science.
Her current research interest is to improve our understanding of the universe by deciphering the nature of dark matter within direct detection experiments which try to detect dark matter particles by their interactions with nuclei in a target medium. An understanding of the composition of dark matter will change our views of fundamental particle physics and will require complimentary experimental techniques.

Professional Engagements

  • TAUP 2017 Local Organizing Committee 
  • TRISEP 2017 Advisory Committee 




Contact Details

Silvia.Scorza _at_ snolab.ca  

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1039 Regional Road 24

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